Commission Session Agenda
Baker County Board of Commissioners
1995 Third Street
Baker City, OR 97814
(541) 523-8200
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06/21/2023 9:00 A.M. Commission Session Agenda

Baker County Board of Commissioners
Commission Session Agenda
June 21, 2023 ~ 9:00 a.m.
Courthouse, 1995 Third St., Baker City, Oregon 97814


Because of the uncertain length of time needed, the Board of Commissioners may deal with an item at any time in the meeting, except those set for a specific time. Anyone wishing to be heard on any item not having a set time should arrive when the meeting begins to avoid missing an item of interest.  Interested parties can join the meeting in person or by using the Zoom link located at: 

1.    Call to Order/Invocation/Pledge of Allegiance

2.    Agenda Changes/Adoption

3.    Citizen Participation

4.    Review/Approval of Minutes
a.    May 31, 2023, Special Commission Session Minutes
b.    June 7, 2023 Commission Session Minutes

5.    Scheduled Business     
a.    9:05 a.m.    Admin Update ~ Christena Cook, County Accountant
b.    9:20 a.m.    Museum Update ~ Lynn Weems, Museum Director

c.    9:30 a.m.    Public Hearing
1.    2023-24 Budget Hearing/Adoption
a.    Resolution No. 2023-1006 Ad Valorum Property Tax
b.    Resolution No. 2023-1007 2023-24 Budget

d.    9:40 a.m.    Contract Review Board
1.    Assessor: Intergovernmental Services Agreement: Map Maintenance Contract # DOR-177-23
2.    City of Unity: Amendment #1 to the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund Grant Agreement #8215: City of Unity Watertower Project
3.    Order No. 2023-133 Designating REALM Inc Baker City as a Sole Source Provider
4.    Sage-grouse LIT: 2nd Amendment to David, Evans & Associates Professional Services Agreement: Baker Co. Virtue Flat Recreation Area OHV Wash Station NEPA
5.    Fair: Executive Director Services Agreement
6.    Transit: ODOT: FTA 5310 Agreement No. 35440
7.    Transit: Baker Co. Public Transportation Services Purchased Services 
a.    STIF
1.    Community Connection of NE Oregon
2.    Elkhorn Taxi
b.    FTA 5310
1.    Community Connection of NE Oregon
2.    Elkhorn Taxi
3.    Documents to be Signed
a.    Order No. 2023-132 Authorizing the County Road Official to Spend County Moneys on and Perform Work on the Portion of Beaver Creek Road that is a Local Access Road in Baker County, OR 
b.    Tax Refund Resolution No. 98-01
c.    Resolution No. 2023-1003 Unanticipated Revenue/Transfers within the General Fund
d.    Resolution No. 2023-1004 Unanticipated Revenue in the County Project Fund
e.    Resolution No. 2023-1005 Unanticipated Revenue in the County Health Fund 
f.    Resolution No. 2023-1008 Transfer within the County Parks Department 
g.    Resolution No. 2023-1009 Transfer within the County Weed Department
h.    EDC: Quail Ridge Golf Course Commitment Letter

4.    Ratification of Documents
a.    Financial Reports

5.    Other Business
a.    Commissioner Update
b.    Comparison of Calendar

6.    Adjourn

Baker County operates under an EEO policy and complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Assistance is available for individuals with disabilities and should be requested at least48 hours in advance by calling 523-8200 (TTY: 523-9538).

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