Commission Session Agenda

Baker Board of Commissioners
1995 Third Street
Baker City, OR 97814

08/08/2018 9:00 a.m. Special Commission Session Agenda
1. Call to Order/Invocation/Pledge of Allegiance

2. Agenda Changes/Additions to the Agenda

3. Adoption of Agenda

4. Citizen Participation

5. Review/Approval of Minutes

6. Scheduled Business
a. 9:05 a.m. Umatilla National Forest Supervisor ~ Eric Watrude

b. 9:20 a.m. SnapEd Update ~ Bob Parker, Robin Maille, Becca Colton

c. 9:45 a.m. Blue Mountain Translator District Update ~ Alex McHaddad

d. 10:00 a.m. Contract Review Board
1. Justice Court: Professional Service Agreement with Charles H. Gillis Law Office for Indigent Defense.
2. Eagle Valley Fire Station Grant Administrator/Labor Standards/Environmental/Cultural Approval

e. 10:10 a.m. Public Hearing:
Ordinance No. 2018-03: Allowing Fire Regulations on Unprotected Lands in
Baker County, Declaring an Emergency

Mason Dam Update ~ Jason Yencopal

f. 10:20 a.m. City of Unity
1. Ordinance No. 2018-02: Allowing Fire Regulations on Unprotected Lands in the City of Unity, Declaring an Emergency
2. Resolution No. 2018-03: Authorizing the City of Unity to Participate in the League of Oregon Cities’ Pilot Program for Limited Free Legal Service

g. 10:30 a.m. Executive Session per ORS 192.660(2)(h): To Consult with Legal Counsel
Regarding Current Litigation or Litigation Likely to be Filed.

h. 10:45 a.m. Return to Regular Session

7. Documents to be Signed

8. Ratification of Documents
a. Letter and Resolution No. 2018-1027: Rejecting Draft EIS for the Blue Mtn. Forest Plan Revision
b. Order No. 2018-148: Sale of Foreclosure Property Located at 10S 41E Section 23A Tax Lot 1300 in Pleasant Valley Near the Intersection of Hwy. 30 and Alder Creek Rd.

9. Other Business
a. Commissioner Update
b. Comparison of Calendar